Monday, September 20, 2010

Internet Business

Hi friends,
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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Planet Antares Scam

Hi friends,
I like to explain you about car scams,
Planet Antares Scam solutions will never ask you for personal information such as sign in details or credit card numbers in an email. Scammers have been known to email sellers with a ‘duplicate advert’ of their car, before providing a link to what looks like Planet antares scam’s sign in page.

Once the seller has provided their details, the scammer uses those details to change the description and contact details. But other scams include, calls from scammers requesting credit card details for refunds, fake lotteries which claim to be conducted in association with auto trader, emails detailing offers for auto trader customers, with a full refund if your car is not sold within three weeks.

Only sign in to your account via the Planet Antares scam website, not from links in emails. If you’re already signed in and are asked to sign in again after clicking on a link from an email, think twice. If in doubt, type into your web browser and sign in the usual way. Write down the vehicle identification number on the car. It’s normally displayed under the windshield on the driver’s side of the car. Also ask to see the car’s current registration. If the seller won’t provide the ownership paperwork or the VIN on the car doesn’t match the information on the registration, walk away from the deal.

Scammers have been busy creating websites that appear to be run by established car dealerships offering repossessed cars at rock-bottom prices, but it's only a scam to make unwary consumers part with their money, the Better Business Bureau says.

Before you buy or sell a car (or anything online), please read the following sites. If someone makes an offer to you which is strange be very careful. Never accept payment which is no for the exact amount of the same. Do not assume that any cashier check or money order is valid. Planet Antares Scam solutions help you in Vending Chat.